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Exercising with children could help new mums

Exercising with children could help new mumsNew mums looking for a fun way of slimming could consider setting up a group based on an American trend.

Fitness expert Emily Christie told the Kansas City Star she recently decided to begin a set of classes called Stroller Strides.

This incorporates pushing the baby around in a pram or buggy while also doing cardiovascular exercises and toning tasks such as lunges and squats.

She explained that her members love it, particularly those who struggle to fit physical activity into their daily routine.

"This is not a gym membership. It's an opportunity for moms to really find a place and come together in support of each other," Ms Christie commented.

If the weather is good, Stroller Strides takes place in a park, but shopping centres are also used if it is cold and raining.

This form of exercise could be fun to copy, but new mums may also wish to strap on a baby carrier so they can take up hiking.

Hollywood actress Ali Larter was recently spotted doing this and appeared to be really enjoying herself.

Do you fancy giving something like Stroller Strides a try?

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