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Exercise ‘should vary in intensity’

Exercise 'should very in intensity'People looking to complement their slimming regime with a fitness programme should make sure they incorporate a range of intensities.

Dr Paul Batman from the Fitness Institute of Australia told the Sydney Morning Herald that it should not be about doing high-intensity activities all the time, as the old adage 'no pain, no gain' is wrong.

He explained that results gleaned from constantly pushing and straining yourself may not last.

"You need to work through all levels – low to moderate, moderate to vigorous and vigorous – to get results that are long-lasting," Dr Batman remarked.

Working hard one day and then doing something low-intensity the next is best to allow muscles to recover, he advised.

Even low-level exercise is likely to be beneficial though, as a University of Georgia study found that the energy levels of sedentary individuals can be boosted by 20 per cent simply by engaging in regular, leisurely walks.

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