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Exercise, not sit-ups, ‘leads to stomach weight loss’

Women desperate to lose weight from their stomach areas should stop doing sit-ups and should do more active exercises, according to a fitness expert.

Rich Leigh, founder of Fat Free Fitness, a weight loss specific personal training agency, said that women unfortunately believe in many fitness myths.

He gave the example that many ladies who want to lose weight falsely believe that they can burn fat from specific areas of the body, or “spot reduce”.

“No amount of sit-ups will rid you of a tummy paunch – it’ll work the muscle underneath, but only a healthy diet and an active lifestyle will get rid of the body fat,” he explained.

Earlier this week, the Department of Health launched the second phase of its Change4Life campaign, which emphasises the importance of a healthy lifestyle among adults.

Mr Leigh said that such campaigns are useful but believes that education about diet and nutrition should be worked into the National Curriculum so that, from a young age, people learn how to make healthier choices.

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