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Exercise ‘needs to be made a priority’

Exercise 'needs to be made a priority'Women who want to be back in their skinny jeans by Christmas need to make exercise a priority, an expert has insisted.

Professor John Lowe from the School of Health and Sport Sciences at the University of the Sunshine Coast said in an article for the Warwick Daily News that many people do not succeed with fitness because they put other things above it on their daily 'to do' lists.

Instead, he recommended setting aside time for physical activity just as you would for a hair appointment.

"Make a commitment to yourself to be physically active and then schedule time in your diary today to exercise every day for the next month," the professor urged.

He explained that this is not selfish and a waste of time, but something important that will result in better fitness and hopefully weight loss.

This comes after All About Weight's Alison Wetton recommended trying to incorporate exercise into existing activities such as the school run.

Do you make enough time for exercise?