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Exercise ‘hard work’ for Eva Longoria

Exercise 'hard work' for Eva LongoriaShe may not need to lose weight, but Eva Longoria has admitted she finds exercising to stay fit and healthy difficult.

The Desperate Housewives admitted in an interview with Look magazine that while she understands the importance of physical activity on the body, she will never be first in the queue for her local gym.

"I have a trainer and I work out with her, although I haven't seen her in about a year! I have just been so demotivated," Eva remarked.

The actress, who also told the publication she is a very girlie girl, might therefore want to sign up for something fun like Zumba as one of her new year's resolutions.

This reluctance to exercise is something Eva shares with Britney Spears. Earlier this year, the singer told Stylist magazine she also struggles with motivation when it comes to hitting the gym and only goes when she knows she really has to.

Do you find the idea of exercising a drag sometimes?