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Exercise ‘can be done in the home’

Exercise 'can be done in the home'Women hoping to lose weight have been informed that they do not necessarily have to sign up for gym membership to slim down.

According to Hermie Hogg, a health and wellbeing consultant and founder of Hermieopathy, it is very easy to work out in the comfort of one's own home, and this is a great way for working mums to tone up.

She explained that walking up and down the stairs can help to get the heart going and help shed some pounds, while a bit of stretching has its benefits as well.

"Try and walk up and down the stairs as much as possible or even go outside and do a few stretches in the fresh air. Fresh air is important if you have been in the office all day, because the light goes through the eyes," Ms Hogg recommended.

Her comments followed the publication of a report published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, which suggested that sedentary behaviour, such as too much sitting or lying down, is a significant risk factor for disease.

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