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Ellen DeGeneres: Diet secrets revealed

Ellen DeGeneres has revealed that she maintains her slender figure through a vegan diet and regular yoga sessions.

The 52-year-old chat show host has also recently embarked on a “sugar fast” that involves her steering clear of foods that are refined or processed, Shape reports.

“No cake, no cookies, no candy,” she told the magazine.

Ellen said she used to get her exercise by playing a lot of sport: “I was very much a tomboy. I loved sports, running around, playing tennis.”

She now exercises with her wife, ex-Ally McBeal actress Portia de Rossi, doing regular power yoga sessions under the guidance of an “amazing” teacher.

“His energy is so calming,” she added.

According to the NHS, a vegan diet can be nutritionally complete and healthy and most essential nutrients can be found in natural sources, but it recommends that supplements are sometimes needed to gain enough vitamins B12 and D.

It advises flapjacks, bananas, nuts and seeds, and dried fruit as good sources of energy for those on a vegan diet.

Would you ever consider a vegan diet?