Eight out of ten women "would like to lose weight" - Slimming Solutions

Eight out of ten women “would like to lose weight”

Eight out of ten women would like to lose weight, a slimming organisation has suggested.

Dr Jacquie Lavin, head of nutrition at Slimming World, said that studies conducted by the organisation have found that 85 per cent of women are sometimes unhappy with their size.

“The first and often most important step to weight loss success is to help women, and men, to feel good about themselves and build their confidence and self-esteem,” Dr Lavin advised.

She went on to say that once people believe that they can make healthy food and exercise choices without feeling deprived, they lose weight steadily.

Dr Lavin concluded that support groups can help slimmers to feel comfortable with their bodies while they adjust their lifestyles to include healthier choices which can be kept up in the long-term.

Her comments follow the publication of research conducted by Brigham Young University in the US, which revealed that women react negatively to images of fat women and have subconscious fears of gaining weight.

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