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Eating more helps nurse to lose weight

Eating more helps nurse to lose weightA change in diet that actually involved eating more food has proved the key to weight loss success for a mother of two from Birmingham.

Lynne Runagham, who works as a nurse, used to be a size 20 and found that, although she did not eat a great amount, what she did consume was generally things that were bad for her.

However, that all changed when she adjusted her eating regimen to include more food, but of the kind that was good for her and could assist her in her goal of slimming down, the Daily Mail reports.

In a matter of months, she went from a size 20 to a size 12 and said the weight loss has had a huge impact on her life.

"It's been great working my way down the jeans sizes – it's so motivating. I used to hate shopping as I could never find anything nice to wear for special occasions," she told the newspaper.

The slimmer also revealed that she is now motivated to continue her healthy eating regimen, knowing that the key to success is moderation.

"I'm not tired and aching all the time anymore either – and I'm eating more than I used to!' she added.

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