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Eating a low-GI diet is ‘only part of the healthy living jigsaw’

Low-GI diets are good for you but they are just one small part of the jigsaw that makes up a healthy lifestyle, according to a dietician.

Nigel Denby, from the British Dietetic Association (BDA), said that everyone should choose a diet that consists of food with low glycaemic indexes.

However, he went on to explain in more detail the secret to good health: “It’s a combination of food and lifestyle – keeping active, eating lots of plant-based foods, more soya, whole grains, oily fish and reducing the amount of saturated fat and salt.”

His comments follow the publication of research in the Archives of Internal Medicine journal that revealed a diet rich in high-GI carbohydrates can increase heart risk in women.

According to, the GI diet can help those who want to lose weight as it makes people feel less hungry, reducing the urge to snack or over-eat.

The website warns that low-GI does not always mean low-fat, so advises people to check the fat content in their meals

Do you check the fat content of food before eating or buying it?