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Eat your way around the world without worrying about the calories



Foods have migrated around the globe, meaning you no longer have to live in a country to sample its cuisine. But just how calorific are pastas from Italy, Meze from Greece, and Tacos from Mexico? Take a look at this quick guide to eating your way around the globe, the healthy way.


Don’t give Italian the boot

Do have a glass of wine. Research has shown that a glass of wine per day for women and two glasses per day for men can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Steer clear though of Calamari, it can contain as much as 1,040 calories! Other calorific favourites of us Brits include:

•    Garlic bread with 820 calories, and
•    Spaghetti with meatballs with 1,160 calories – over half our daily allowance ladies!

Instead we recommend Braised Rabbit Pappardell. This dish has nearly 50% less calories than Spaghetti with Meatballs and it’s a main unlike Garlic Bread!


Go Greek
We don’t have to tell you that fruits, vegetables, grains and fish are good for you. Greek food is packed full of all these with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids that can reduce our risk of heart disease and keep our hair and nails looking and feeling healthy.
Not so good for your waist line though is:

•    Moussaka with 800 calories, and
•    Baklava – those tiny pieces of heaven can have up to 500 calories per slice!

You could always walk home if temptation gets the better of you – a 30 minute stroll will burn 100 calories. Or if you’re feeling spritely pick up the pace to burn just as many calories in half the time – so that’s just a brisk 2 hours then for Moussaka!

There is an alternative; Spicy Lamb & Feta Skewers with Greek Brown Rice Salad is a much healthier alternative with only 423 calories!


Spice up your Indian
Add some spice with turmeric, ginger, red peppers, onions and garlic to help lower cholesterol and heart disease whilst adding flavour. Win, win!
No surprise then that we recommend avoiding Chicken Korma and 870 calories. Also making it onto our ‘avoid like the plague’ list are:

•    Samosa’s – a vegetable samosa can contain as many as 260 calories while it’s meaty equivalent can have 320
•    Pilau Rice also has 449 calories and is only a side.

Hooray then for Chicken Balti which contains only 217 calories. Houmous, a single Samosa or a full Balti – which will you choose?


A study found that cardiovascular disease is higher amongst eager eaters – so use chopsticks. Chopsticks force you to eat slower, avoiding those unwanted calories from overeating.
Chop out these calorie laden dishes:

•    Barbeque Spare Ribs with 600 calories
•    Lo Mein with 1,400 calories
•    Sweet and Sour Chicken with 1,000 calories

Gunpowder chicken with dried red chillies & peanuts has all the taste with none of the guilt – and at 306 calories, you’ll be well below your daily intake after this tasty dish.


Mexican, Arriba Arriba!
Mexican’s enjoy almuerzo – a mid-day feast that’s also the largest meal of their day. Research suggests the body is less responsive at night and burns less calories – so eating late in the day could cause weight gain even if the calorie content is the same!
Avoid these cheesy numbers if you’re counting calories:

•    Cheese Enchiladas have 980 calories
•    3 Cheese Nachos 750 calories
•    Refried beans; they contain 640 calories per cup!

Treat yourself to Chilli Con Carne, it’d be rude not to with only 387 calories.

Source: Closer Online