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Eat Naughty Foods and Stay Slim

You don’t have to cut out your favourite foods…


Go fo foods such as fruit yoghurt, jam and sweetened breakfast cereal, which will satisfy a sweet tooth but which aren’t packed with fat and calories.

Fow women on a diet, up to 35 grams per day of added sugar is acceptable. The natural sugars in milk and whole fruits don’t count towards this but the sugar in fruit juice does.


Good choices are a small glass of wine or a single shot of spirit with diet mixer.

A couple of small glasses a day won’t usually cause weight gain as long as that’s your absolute limit and you ideally drink is as an accompaniment to a healthy meal.

Alcohol can’t be stored directly as fat but if it takes you beyond your safe calorie intake you will ultimately put on weight.


If you’re strict about taking just one handful (hide the pack so you can’t go back for more), nuts ( or a tablespoon of peanut butter) can easily be incorporated in a slimming diet. In fact, nuts make a good snack for slimmers and can actually help weight control because they are so filling.


To enjoy without getting fat, avoid cutting large doorstops for yourself by going for pre-sliced bread with a low-fat spread. Bread can actually be valuable for weight-watchers as it’s bulky while being relatively low in calories.

Your best choice is grainy type like Granary bread, as it’s digested more slowly (on account of the whole grains) and produces a smoother blood sugar and insulin response.


A 30 gram daily serving (around 4-6 squares) provides about 150 calories and nine grams of fat and is an acceptable daily treat. If you find it difficult to stick to this amount, grate it into a pile to make it go further.


Go for a strong cheese so you get maximum taste and will only need a matchbox-sized serving. This size serving is enough to count as a calcium-rich dairy portion and only provides less than 150 calories.