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‘Eat Mediterranean’ for healthy way to lose weight

Mediterranean food could be the way to go to lose weightThose hoping to lose weight fast while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle should look towards the Mediterranean way of eating.

Nigel Denby, dietitian and founder of grub4life.org.uk, said that there are plenty of fruit and vegetables included in the typical Mediterranean dish, which will help with slimming, but there are also other benefits.

The diet is high in unsaturated healthy oils like olive oil and sunflower oil, plenty of fish, pulses and whole grains, which are all very healthy and offer multiple benefits for the body, the expert stated.

"When combined together, it's been seen over and over again in research to offer protection against conditions like heart disease, diabetes and some cancers," Mr Denby explained.

He added that the chemicals in fruit and vegetables have well-known health benefits.

A recent study from Maastricht University found that middle-aged women with low 'healthy lifestyle scores' are effectively 15 years older than those with better eating and exercising habits.

Have you tried the Mediterranean diet?