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Eat healthily to beat colds and flu

Eat healthily to beat colds and fluEating healthily not only aids people in losing weight, it can help them to avoid getting ill too.

This is according to a piece on, which states that there is no concrete evidence that a particular food stuff can stop colds and flu, but that a healthy varied diet will strengthen the immune system.

According to the site, studies suggest that those suffering from colds or flu can help reduce the severity and duration of their illnesses by increasing their intake of vitamin C.

It explains: "The antioxidant action of vitamin C is thought to help neutralise the inflammatory chemicals produced as the infection develops."

The site goes on to recommend citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, guavas and red peppers as good cold-fighting foods.

Last month, America's Phytonutrient Report: Immune Health by Color suggested that those who do not meet their recommended daily fruit and vegetable intakes have a lower immune system than those who do get their five a day.

Does your diet include enough fruit and vegetables?