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Easy Dessert Recipes – Chocolate Mousse

Easy Dessert Recipes

Who could resist? This has to be the one of the hardest things to give up when dieting. Why not try this healthy version?


Chocolate Mousse is an easy to prepare dessert recipe and is only 100 calories.


150ml/ ¼ pt 2/3 cup low fat whipping cream
30ml/ 2 tbsp chocolate spread
15ml/ 1tbsp brandy
Ground cinnamon

• Beat the cream until peaking.
• Keep 30ml/ 2tbsp for a finishing touch.
• Fold the chocolate spread and brandy in the cream that has been left.
• Place into glasses
• Place the 30ml reserved cream on top of the mousse and scatter with cinnamon.
• Let it cool until set.

Which foods do you crave whilst dieting?

Do you have any Easy Dessert Recipes?

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