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Drop a dress size overnight

Drop a Dress Size Overnight

Getting fit and losing weight takes commitment, only by being disciplined about taking exercise and proper nutrition can we achieve our fitness goals. But fortunately, incredible gains can be made taking a few simple steps – and not towards the gym either. By following our guidelines you can look and feel better instantly without even raising your heart rate resulting in a drop in dress size.

How to drop a dress size.

Step One: Rest

Make sure you get enough sleep. Those precious hours of shut-eye help rejuvenate your body both internally and externally. Without enough sleep, your heart rate, metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn your calories) and other bodily functions decline. Lack of sleep can also affect your mental state, making you short tempered and forgetful.

The effect on your body of long-term sleep deprivation is that your physical appearance (muscle and skin tone) declines. So get plenty of sleep. Your physical well-being and overall apperance will improve noticeably – and all this without any exercise at all.

Step Two: Eat Well

Eating fried, greasy foods, skipping meals, drinking too much caffeine and fizzy drinks will make you feel sluggish and ill. Eat healthy, nutritious meals and you will soon feel much stronger. instead of the traditional three meals a day, try eating five or six smaller meals. Each should include proteins (fish, chicken, turkey, nuts such as walnuts and almonds, tofu and soya) and small amount of complex carbohydrates (dark vegatebles, oats and yams). You should also eat two portions of fruit a day.

Stay clear of refined sugars as much as possible: they turn to fat quickly and raise and lower your energy levels, leaving you feeling tired. also your waist will instantly look and feel trimmer if you stop filling up on carbohydrates like bread and pasta, which also quickly convert to sugar, leaving you feeling bloated.

Your muscles are 80% water, so if you’re not drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day you will become dehydrated. This wil adversely affect your energy lebels and muscle tone.

Step Three: Watch Your Posture

Holding and engaging the abdominal muscles (drawing the pelvic floor up and pulling your stomach muscles in) while sitting, driving, standing and walking puts us in a more healthy biomechanical position, giving us a fitter and trimmer apperance. This is especially important if you regularly wear high-heeled shoes. While high heels may look great, they cause havoc with your body posture.

High heels also cause shortening of the Achilles tendon (in the calf) and cause the lower back to curve, which, in turn, throws the neck out. By constantly engaging the abdominal muscles, you can go some way towards counteracting this. Keeping your neck long, by positioning the chin slightly down and in (underneath of the chin and parallel to the floor), prevents neck and shoulder strain. Also keeping your shoulders down and opening the chest will make you apper taller and slimmer – slouching doesn’t make anyone look good. Stretching whenever you change position also helps relese tight muscles and bring you back into alignment.

Step Four: Breathe Correctly

Deep breathing can revitalise and energise every cell in your body. Breathe in, so that your ribcage expands to it’s fullest, then exhale slowly and totally. Repeat this several times as soon as you wake up in the morning and when you’re stressed. Try to take at least 15 minutes each day to just sit and breathe properly. Concentrate on your breath and try to calm and clear your mind – nothing is as ageing as stress. By breathing correctly, you can enhance your appearance and instantly feel both stronger and leaner.

Why not follow these tips and let us know how you get on.