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Drop a dress size in 7 days

iStock_000014569568SmallAre you sick of feeling sluggish and bloated? Want to lose weight?  This 7 day diet plan teamed up with Nicki Waterman’s exercise program (celebrity fitness trainer) will help you drop a dress size in just seven days!

Nicki’s daily plan

Monday: Do the tone & strength work out in the order shown, twice.

Tuesday: Select a cardio activity.

Wednesday: Tone & strengthen workout.

Thursday: Choose a different cardio activity.

Friday: Tone & strengthen workout.

Saturday: Try another cardio activity

Sunday: Perfect you posture. Correct rounded shoulders by pulling your back and stomach in – you’ll look leaner. Tight chest muscles and weak upper back muscles usually cause rounded shoulders.

Tone and strengthen workout

Lunge and Curl

Targets bottom, thighs, biceps – Start with feet together, a weight in each hand, palms facing forwards. Take a big step back with right leg, bending both legs (left knee forward, right heel lifted). At the same time, bend elbows to bring weights up to front of shoulders. Drive up through left foot to bring right leg back to start, lowering arms. Repeat with left leg. Do 20 reps.

Staircase press-up

Targets chest, shoulders, triceps – stand at the bottom of stairs. If you don’t have stairs, use a table or counter. Place hands on one stair – the further up, the easier the exercise will be, with arms straight and shoulder-width apart, fingers pointing forward shuffle back until your body is in a straight line. Bend elbows to lower body towards step, pause, then straighten arms and repeat. Always keep head in line with spine. As you get stronger, use next step down. Do 15 reps.

Crunch and twist

Targets tummy and waist – Lie with knees bent, feet flat on floor, hands behind head. Bring right knee towards chest and simultaneously curl torso up and forwards until shoulder blades clear the floor, then twist to right, so left shoulder points towards right knee. Pause, lower, and then repeat on other side. Do 30 alternate repetitions.

Posture stretch

Targets chest and shoulder – To stretch chest muscles, lie with two or three cushions under your upper back. Bend knees and stretch arms to the sides. This will open the chest and let the muscle release gradually.

Note: Warm up and cool down and stretch before and afterwards

Cardio work- Resistance training alone isn’t enough. So, do one of these three aerobic workouts three times in the week – you could burn and extra 1,000 calories.

In-line skating: Burns in the region of 333 calories in 45 minutes.
Jogging: Burns 340 calories in 40 minutes.
Mountain biking: burns off 360 calories in 40 minutes.
Tennis or Football: Burns 333 calories in 45 minutes.
Brisk walking: Burns around 336 calories in one hour and 20 minutes.
Cross trainer: Burns 315 calories in 50 minutes.
Swimming: Burns approximately 340 calories in 40 minutes.

The Diet

Breakfast: Two slices of wholemeal toast with poached or boiled egg, and a glass of fresh orange juice.

Benefits: This meal gives you a balance of protein and carbohydrate, with enough calories to get you through until lunch time. The juice tops up body fluid levels.

Lunch: Medium Jacket Potato with tuna or cottage cheese, plus a large salad

Benefits: The balance of carbohydrate and protein in this meal will prevent you suffering from a post-lunch dip, plus it gives you lots of vitamins and minerals.

Dinner: Baked chicken breast with stir-fried mushrooms and courgettes, tomato and onion salad, plus sparkling water to drink


Finish the day with a protein-based meal with fresh vegetables. Accompany it with hydrating water rather than alcohol.

Follow these tips!

Spend your calories wisely! Choosing foods that are less calorie-dense (those with fewer calories per gram) such as fruit, vegetables and skinless chicken breasts means you can eat larger portions to get the same fewer calories than in calorie-dense foods. For example, if you want to keep lunch around 500 calories and you choose the calorie-dense route; you could have a cheese and tomato sandwich and a yogurt – not much really. For the same calories, you could have a grilled chicken breast, a plate full of mixed vegetables, a glass of wine and some low-fat ice cream – a filling meal that is much more satisfying

Try the 80/20 approach! Aiming to be healthy all of the time is a great way to fail. Give yourself some leeway and you’re guaranteed to have more fun – and stick to your eating plan. Eighty per cent of the time, do 80 per cent of the things that are healthy for you. During the other 20 per cent, let yourself go a little and enjoy small portions of your favourite foods.

Halve it! You don’t have to give up the foods you whilst slimming – try portion control instead. In the UK, our portions are almost twice the recommended size. By having a normal portion, you get to eat your favourite foods without feeling deprived. Love your morning fry-up? Have one sausage and one slice of toast instead of your usual two, and you’ll save up to 300 calories.


Does this 7 day plan appeal to you?