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‘Drink plenty of water’ to reduce bloating

'Drink plenty of water' to reduce bloatingPeople who find that they often suffer from bloating and struggle to fit into their clothes could benefit form making small changes to their diet, according to one expert.

Anna Mason, founder of Distance Dieters, said that although bloating is not necessarily the same as weight gain, it is just as uncomfortable and has the same impact on people when it comes to their clothing.

She advised people to look at their diet, break it down, and think about what they can do ease their troubles.

"Remove processed foods from the diet.  Flour and wheat-based products will promote bloating and a feeling of discomfort, [and] they will also promote headaches and insomnia. Drink plenty of water – 1.5 to two litres each day," the expert recommended.

Ms Mason said that water helps to "flush out the system", and if people are dehydrated then it will also benefit them.

People who do not drink enough can also suffer from bloat, she noted, adding that the easies way to consume water is to have a large glass with each meal and snack, aiming to have six glasses a day.

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