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Dr Oz’s new diet for 2014: Lose 9lbs in 14 days

dr.ozDr. Oz kicked off his first TV show of 2014 by unveiling his new two week rapid weight loss diet on the January 6th episode of the Dr. Oz Show. He claims the two week diet is healthy and safe, and can help you lose up to 9lbs.

Dr. Oz’s diet helped his audience members testers lose just over 1,000lbs combined, about 9lbs per person. “It’s easier than you think,” he assured.

Looking at food differently is important, as it’s a way to nourish your body, not entertain your taste buds. This two-week weight loss diet might be hard at first considering you have to give up five things that many people consider a staple in their diets. Making this two-week diet a success depends on eliminating the things that most stand in the way of weight loss.

Foods you can’t eat

Dr. Oz says for the plan to work, you need to get rid of the foods that are keeping you fat. This is the hardest part. This two week jump start diet has five types of food that need to be eliminated to lose the weight and get your body back in balance.

This is one food that you need to completely eliminate from this two week diet. It is one of the most inflammatory foods that humans eat, so get rid of it. One woman who eliminated wheat from her diet said she lost 16lbs by making that one small change. In a previous episode, Dr. Oz detailed how eliminating grains causes rapid weight loss and prevents Alzheimer’s.

Artificial sweeteners.
Dr. Oz said artificial sweeteners ruin your metabolism and fuel weight gain. New studies show that people who use artificial sweeteners experience a 70% increase in waist circumference compared to non-users.

Alcohol and sugar.
Sugar increases your appetite and wreaks havoc on your metabolism and hormones, making weight loss difficult. Dr. Oz said alcohol provides empty liquid calories, makes you eat more, and causes bloating.

While coffee is a rich source of antioxidants, and by itself it can be healthy, the stimulant effects can lead to unhealthy cravings. Black coffee is OK, it’s adding sugar and cream that make it unhealthy. However, you can have all the green tea you want instead. Organic green tea is preferred, but any green tea will do. Use this as your coffee replacement and drink it all day long.

Dairy is a major source of inflammation, which promotes weight gain, heart disease and diabetes.

Dr. Oz understands that these eliminations may sound unbearable, but it’s only for the two week weight loss plan and your body will soon adjust. Once you see the weight come off, you won’t mind what you’ve given because by then you’ll be looking and feeling good!

Food you should eat

Now you know which foods to eliminate, Dr. Oz details the foods you should include on your rapid weight loss diet:

Start each morning with a cup of hot water with half a lemon squeezed into it. This kick-starts your metabolism and digestive system to get your body going, plus it’s a natural diuretic.

For breakfast, Dr. Oz suggests having a high-protein smoothie to increase your metabolism while ridding your body of toxins. The high protein content will supply energy while keeping you feeling full.

Mix 1 cup Almond Milk, 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1/2 banana, 1 tablespoon rice protein, 2 tablespoon flax seeds in a blender, then drink. It’s important to add the flax seeds last.

Meals and snacks
On this diet during the day (8am to 8pm only), you can eat your choice of the following foods:

– Six-ounce portions of protein such as chicken, turkey or fish.
– Healthy fats such as those from avocado, olive oil, pickles, and nuts.
– Fibre-rich brown rice (this is the only wheat allowed).
– Low-glycemic vegetables
– Greek yogurt (this probiotic-rich food is the only dairy allowed).
– Organic green tea to replace coffee.

Low-glycemic vegetables
On this plan, you can eat all the low-glycemic veggies you want. Not only will they help you stay full, but they are key to helping burn fat. When you swap out starchy and sugary foods for low-glycemic vegetables, your body can burn through its glycogen storage and eventually start burning fat. These include:

Artichokes Cabbage Lentils Salad greens
Asparagus Cauliflower Mushrooms Snap peas
Bamboo shoots Celery Okra Squash
Bean sprouts Cucumber Onions Swiss Chard
Beans Eggplant Peppers Water chestnuts
Broccoli Greens Radishes Watercress
Brussel sprouts Leeks Rutabaga Zucchini


These vegetables will help your body shed pounds, plus you can make them super tasty by making them into a soup, using low sodium broth. You can also use butternut squash fries by cutting them into strips and cooking them in olive oil to make them crunchy.

Supplements: To accelerate weight loss, Dr. Oz suggests taking a probiotic supplement every morning. Probiotics, which Dr. Oz called the best weight-loss trend of 2013, aid digestion and promote weight loss. He also suggests taking half a multivitamin in the morning and half in the afternoon.

Detox bath: At the end of your day, every day, soak in a detox bath with 2 cups Epsom salt and 1 cup baking soda.

Dr. Oz says by following this diet for two weeks, you can expect to lose about 9lbs , what better what to kick off the new year?