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Don’t Let Your Job Make You Fat

Desk jobs, coffee runs and birthday cakes can make working life a minefield if you’re dieting. Here’s how to ensure the 9-5 doesn’t sabotage your slimming plan…

Problem: You get food as a perk

Solution: In subsidised canteens opt for salads and lean meat, pasta and tomato sauce or a baked potato with tuna but no mayo. If a job in food or catering means you’re allowed to take leftovers home, share with friends.

Being employed by a fast-food resturant is the trickiest, but most now publish the calorie and fat content of their foods so you can do your homework and choose wisely.

Problem: The morning coffee-shop run is just too tempting

Solution: The way to avoid temptation is to have a good breakfast (e.g. grainy toast and Marmite, a yoghurt and a peice of fruit) before you leave the house, or to bring something healthy (like a sachet of instant porridge and some dried fruit) to eat at your desk.

A skinny cappuccino is OK at around 80 calories but avoid full-fat lattes and other fancy coffees.

Problem: You’re stuck behind a desk all day

Solution: Try ditching your chair and sitting on a stability ball which works lots of core muscles (start with an hour a day and gradually do it for longer).

Or walk to a colleague’s desk rather then emailing.

You could also stand up while you are on the phone (standing burns 30 per cent more calories than sitting).

A 20-minute brisk walk each lunch time will stop your weight increasing by 2lb a year.

Problem: The only snacks available are from the vending machine

Solution: Bringing in your own healthy snacks from home keeps you in control. Good options are low-fat yoghurt, an apple, raisins or some fruit bread.

Keep a bottle of water on you desk too – it will give your hands something to do when you’re stressed and divert you from eating when you’re not hungry.

Problem: There’s always cream cakes when it’s someone’s birthday

Solution: Ask you colleagues to get you some fresh fruit instead. Or be really virtuous and ask them to put the cost of your cake into the charity box. Another option – if everyone agrees – is to put the money into a kitty and have a good night out at the end of the year instead.