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Don’t just watch sports – play them too

Don't just watch sports - play them tooYou’ll never get into your skinny jeans if you only watch sports rather than get involved in them.

This is the stern warning of TV’s Dr Hilary Jones, who is now also the face of the Time to Tackle Your Health Campaign from TENA Men.

He said Britain is on its way to becoming a nation of spectators, something that could be thwarting people’s weight loss plans up and down the country.

To prevent this, Dr Jones said it is important to take part in 30 minutes’ worth of physical activity five days a week.

“The key is to find something that you enjoy doing. It doesn’t have to be athletics, it doesn’t have to be running round a cold field in the rain feeling miserable,” he added.

If you get involved and become hooked on taking part in a sport, the expert said it will be an “insurance policy” against health problems as well as a way of slimming down.

For further motivation, Loughborough University research recently found that appetite could be suppressed by intensive exercise, perhaps leading to further weight loss.

Are you guilty of being an armchair sports fan?