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Do breast enlargement pills work?

breastb4afterScientists have proven that breast size is determined by genetics and to some extent by the amount of weight a woman is carrying on her frame. The amount of estrogen that a woman’s body produces also influences breast size which explains why you feel like your breasts are larger before a period. This is good news for the lucky ones who are on the deep side of the gene pool because they do not have to worry about having well sized, curvy and shapely breasts. However, if you ended up on the shallower side of the pool, there are resources that you can use in order to increase the size of your breasts as well as improve their appearance.

Breast implants and augmentation surgery are some of the ways you can increase the size of your breasts. However, these procedures are often expensive which makes them out of reach for many women. Further, implants and surgery are often risky and can result in conditions like capsular contracture where the body forms scar tissue around the breast implant resulting in very hard breasts. Other complications include implant rupture, fluid buildup around the implant, altered nipple sensation and many others. For those seeking a safer and cheaper option for breast enlargement, natural pills can be the best alternative with none of the side effects associated with implants and surgery. Breast enlargement pills also work faster and result in more natural looking breasts compared to their surgical counterparts.

How breast enlargement pills work

Breast enhancement pills are made up of natural, herbal based formulas which are designed to create larger and more attractive breasts. Some of the components present in these pills include fenugreek seed extract, Mexican wild yam root, and dandelion, thistle and damiana leaf among others. All these herbs contain phytoestrogens that mimic the way estrogen works in the body to increase breast size and improve firmness and appearance. They also help to correct female hormoup_a_cupnal imbalances and improve the way the body utilizes hormones, resulting in greater breast health and stimulating growth of breast tissue.

Use and Safety

You can take breast enlargement pills according to the manufacturers’ instruction, usually one to two pills a day in order to achieve desired results. Due to their natural components, breast enlargement pills have been proven to have minimal side effects making them safe for use in the majority of cases.

Breast enhancement pills are a safe and natural way to increase the size of your breast, reduce sagging and make the skin on your breasts softer and smoother thus improving their appearance. Using the products as directed will give you the type of breast you desire at a much lower cost than other breast enlargement methods.

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