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Dieting during pregnancy does not carry risks

Dieting during pregnancy 'does not carry risks'Expectant mothers who are hoping to lose weight have been informed that going on a diet during pregnancy is safe – as long as they are taking in the vital nutrients needed for their baby.

New research carried out by experts at Queen Mary, University of London and published in the British Medical Journal shows that women who follow a healthy diet and avoid 'eating for two' can not only reduce the risk of excess weight gain, but also cut the risk of complications.

Dr Shakila Thangaratinam, a consultant obstetrician at the facility, said that healthcare practitioners are observing more and more women who gain excess weight when they are pregnant and increasing the risk of problems occurring.

"Weight control is difficult but this study shows that by carefully advising women on weight management methods, especially diet, we can reduce weight gain during pregnancy," she added.

"It also shows that following a controlled diet has the potential to reduce the risk of a number of pregnancy complications."

Although some women may be concerned that dieting during pregnancy could have a negative impact on their babies, the research is "reassuring", because it showed that dieting is safe and that the baby's weight is not affected, the expert added.

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