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Dieters ‘need help’ to stick to weight loss resolutions

Weight loss may be harder than dieters thinkPeople aiming to hit their weight loss targets in the new year will need some help to stick to them, new research shows.

Alex Bodikian, brand representative for FULLfast, said that people should find something that will boost their diet because new year weight loss can be "a little bit harder than first anticipated".

According to the expert, January 14th is the day people are most likely to throw in the towel when it comes to new year's resolutions, especially when they are weight loss related.

"It tends to happen because by the middle of January, their happiness levels have really hit rock bottom," she explained.

Dieting in the new year tends to take on a new importance because so many people choose to do it to try and make up for Christmas excesses, she explained.

This follows advice from nutritional therapist Charlotte Watts who said dieters should avoid going "from A to Z too quickly", but instead ease themselves into new year's weight loss resolutions.

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