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Dieters encouraged to ‘enjoy eating but consume less’

Dieters encouraged to 'enjoy eating but consume less'The secrets behind how the Manhattan Diet can enhance a weight loss strategy have been outlined by citizens living on the island.

Eileen Daspin, a writer who played a major part in penning the upcoming book The Manhattan Diet, revealed that her attitude to food is that she will "taste everything but eats almost nothing".

It is not just the type of food consumed which is key to a good diet though, as Ms Daspin acknowledged that the utensils for a meal are also important.

For example, using chopsticks to eat food means that people will be taking smaller mouthfuls and thus get fuller at a quicker rate.

Another word of advice that Ms Daspin was keen to put across is to just "really enjoy what you eat, but just eat less of it".

A recent study conducted by researchers based in Germany and Switzerland, which was reported by The Sun, has found that people who consume food from a red dish are less likely to overeat.

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