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Dietary habits ‘have changed in the last 10 years’

The dietary habits of those living in the UK have changed over the past ten years or so, an expert has claimed.

Dr Colin Waine, former chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said that many middle-aged and older people are finding that they need to lose weight.

This is because they do not exercise as much as they used to, but still eat the same amounts and types of food, he explained.

Dr Waine went on to suggest that people should adjust what they eat, choosing healthier options, and that it is cheap and easy to do this.

“There is a myth that healthy food is always more expensive. That is far from the truth. You can get healthy food if you use local sources of food and prepare the food yourself,” he added.

Dr Waine’s comments follow those made by professor Klim McPherson from the University of Oxford to the Daily Mail, in which he said those aged over 40 are not doing enough to control their weight.

Have you noticed your weight creep up as you’ve grown older?