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Diet pills ‘motivate people to eat healthily and exercise more’

Diet pills give people the motivation to lose weight, a nutrition expert has claimed.

Nutritionist Carrie Ruxton suggested to the Cork Evening Echo that slimming pills can really help some people in their mission to shed a few pounds.
"They do little harm and may indeed motivate consumers to comply with diet and exercise regimes by inducing a small amount of initial weight loss," she explained.

Ms Ruxton said that supplements for weight management should be used in conjunction with, not instead of, a calorie-controlled diet and regular exercise.

She explained that the European Food Safety Authority is currently assessing evidence on whether a number of slimming pills work and that it will announce its findings within the next few months.

Ms Ruxton went on to say that the evidence for green tea helping people to control their weight was "stronger than for most other ingredients".

An NHS document on complementary medicines states that some researchers believe green tea could have a protective effect against certain cancers.

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