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Deskercise, 6 easy ways to get fit whilst at work

Want to tone up but no time to exercise? Try these simple moves that can help you stay in trim while you sit at your desk.

Sitting twist

A great way to tone your waistline and strengthen your core – start this exercise sitting up straight at your desk. Place your right hand on the back of the chair and your left hand in front of you on the desk. Keeping your left hand in place, twist your core to the right as far as you can until you feel a stretch in your side.

The invisible chair

Want a derriere that would make J-Lo jealous? This is a great way to start. Lower yourself into your chair as if you were about to sit on it. Stop a couple of inches above the chair and hover for as long as you can in the standing squat. (This might sound mad, but can be done remarkably discretely if performed correctly!)

Abs squeezer

This squeeze is ridiculously simple, but brilliantly effective. Sit up straight, and squeeze your ab muscles as hard as you can, imagine you are trying to get your belly button not to touch your spine. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat around 20 times. Et Voila! Abs as impressive as Mich and Halle’s!

Leg Extensions

Sit up straight and push your chair away from your desk a little. Take one leg and raise up straight until it is parallel with the ground. Hold for 5 seconds then repeat the movement on the other leg. Extend each leg 15 times.

Push and Pull

Sit up straight at your desk, and lift your feet off the floor. Push yourself away from the desk, until you lean forward, and your arms are fully extended. Then pull yourself slowly back towards the desk. Repeat this move 10 times to strengthen your arms and shoulders.

Replace your desk chair with an exercise ball

Easily the best way to improve posture is by replacing your standard desk chair with a bouncy exercise or yoga ball for an hour or so each day – OK, so this might not be possible/desirable for all of us, but if you do work from home or in a progressive working environment, this can have a massive benefit to your health. The ball forces you to sit up straighter and hold yourself better. It will also help strengthen your core muscles.

Source: Closer Online