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Denise: “i’ll never obsess over my weight!”

Turning heads with her stunning bikini body on a girl’s holiday to Ibiza last summer, it’s no surprise Denise Van Outen is feeling content with her figure.

The size 10 TV presenter reveals to closer magazine that she’ll never become obsessive over her weight.

“I had an amazing time in Ibiza and really let me hair down. I enjoy taking holidays with the girls at least once a year. I need that time when I cannot be a mummy for a few days and let my hair down”.

“I’m very comfortable with my body now too. I try to eat healthily, but I allow myself treats. You can become obsessive about how much you eat and I never want to feel guilty about letting myself indulge. I eat Alpen muesli for breakfast, a jacket potato for lunch, then grilled veg and fish dinner. But if I want crisps, I’ll have them!” she added.

Working mum Denise says its hard to fit exercise around her busy schedule and looking after her daughter, Betsy.

“I don’t have time to go to the gym everyday, so I walk Betsy to and from her nursery everyday. It takes almost an hour and pushing a buggy for that long does wonders!”

How do you juggle slimming and exercise with being a parent?