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Cycling: Kendra Wilkinson’s weight loss tip

Kendra Wilkinson has revealed one of the methods of exercise that she has been using to lose weight – cycling.

The ex-Playboy model wrote on her official blog that there are many reasons why she likes getting on her bike: “Biking isn’t only good for me … it’s good for the environment as well.”

She went on to explain that riding a bike for three hours each week can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50 per cent.

The 24-year-old advised those seeking to lose weight that they can use the internet to easily find and plan safe routes.

Kendra gave birth to her and husband hank Baskett’s son Hank IV in December 2009. During the pregnancy she gained 50 pounds and has been working hard since then to lose this excess weight.

Last month, the petite blonde wrote on her Twitter page that she had to have her wedding ring re-sized as it no longer fitted her “fat finger”.

Do you have a bike? If so how much do you use it?