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Cycling ‘could help anyone to lose weight’

Cycling could help lose weight

Cycling could help anyone to lose weight, whether they are young or not quite in the first flushes of youth.

Jean Mowbray, head of marketing at Cycle Training UK, said she thinks some people are being put off getting on a bike by the fact that they did not learn how to ride one as a child.

However, she urged them not to be, pointing out that her organisation is able to teach anyone from children to pensioners how to master the basics.

Ms Mowbray explained that the important thing to do first is get hold of a roadworthy bike that is the right size.

She added: “Don’t be put off by thinking you need fancy gear. To cycle all you need is a bike. You do not need special clothes to cycle.”

Finally, a little training from a local authority group or other organisation could benefit those who are unsure, the expert suggested.

Earlier this month, Ms Mowbray stated that the heart, lungs, muscles and mind can all benefit from riding a bike.

Are you a recent convert to the world of cycling?