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Cutting carbs ’causes liver to lose fat fast’

Those who want to cut the amount of fat that is present in their liver will have more success if they curb their carbohydrate intake, than if they reduce the number of calories that they consume.

This is according to research conducted by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School (UT Southwestern).

“What this study tells us is that if your doctor says that you need to reduce the amount of fat in your liver, you can do something within a month,” said the study’s lead author Dr Jeffrey Browning, assistant professor of internal medicine at UT Southwestern.

Scientists believe that the findings could have implications for treating a number of diseases including diabetes, liver disease and insulin resistance.

The results of the study are to be published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Earlier this month, Dr Carina Norris, a nutrition consultant, suggested that some people trying to lose weight fast have success by eating three square meals, featuring plenty of fruit and vegetables, some low-fat protein and wholegrain carbohydrates.

Could you cut carbs from your diet?