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Curb your cravings and lose 4st!

Bingeing on biscuits? Can’t resist crisps? Learn how to conquer those food urges and, over a year, you could lose weight fast and totally transform your body.

Caving into cravings might be something we all do at times, but it’s depressing how quickly those frequent bags of crisps or sweets can show up on the scales.  No need to panic, though – however much of an uphill battle it may seem, a few simple steps can help you ditch your diet demons for good.

Why we succumb?

Cravings arise for many reasons, says nutritionist Ruth Tongue. “Firstly there’s the ‘hit’ we get from eating something delicious.  It makes us feel happy for those few minutes – we’re almost like food junkies.  Then there’s the energy surge the food provides, whether it’s sugary or fatty, which makes us feel perked up.  “It all comes down to eating too many foods that release energy too fast,” reckons Ruth.  “Before we know it we’re almost permanently craving a pick-me-up, such as sweets or crisps to kkep us going.”

Resisting temptation

When it comes to fighting those troublesome urges, brain training is a good place to start.  Marisa Peer, a leading hypnotherapist and author of You Can Be Thin, says, “We only eat something if the picture in our minds is right.  So if you want to stop craving a food, make the picture wrong.”  Marisa suggests a technique of visualizing unhealthy snacks as something disgusting.  If you’re a sweet lover, for example, imagine them as animal hooves and they lose their appeal.  Or if you’re a fan of cola, think of it as an acid, eating away at your bones and teeth.  Whatever image works for you.  “When you tell yourself not to eat something, the craving intensifies,” says Marisa.  “But saying ‘I could have that but I’m choosing not to’ signals to your mind that you’re happy to say no, causing the craving to disappear.”

Of course your good intentions should also be backed up with dietary changes.  “Swapping snacks for slow releasing foods will aid weight loss without leaving you feeling deprived,” advises Ruth

Try these slimming swaps:-


Try two small squares of dark chocolate, a few brazil nuts or walnuts, or a handful of grapes with some low fat natural yoghurt (to lower the GI).

Living for crisps?

Have a cup of lightly salted popcorn, an oatcake with Marmite, or a boiled egg, very lightly sprinkled with salt.

Sweet freak?

Get your hands of the Haribo! Instead, go for a bowl or sugar free Jelly, a handful of fruit and nut mix, or some lightly sugared popcorn.

Big cheese?

Instead of your usual full fat snack, try one low fat Mini Babybel, a few spoonfuls of low fat cottage cheese, or Ryvita lightly sprinkled with low fat cheddar