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Crash Diet – Podgy Pundit Robbie Savage Starts 2 Month Detox Plan

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Loudmouth Welshman, Robbie Savage, 40, renowned for his pricey, tight shirts has massively overindulged on grub and booze over the festive period.

A TV source revealed: “Robbie loves fine food and fine wine and he’d had a good Christmas and New Year to say the least.”

“He was starting to feel a bit of a spare tyre around his tummy and the old flash shirts felt a bit snug.”

A crash diet is now helping him to beat the bulge.

“He wasn’t having any of that so he’s kicked all the bad stuff into touch and is living on salads and water.”

Robbie, famous for playing for Leicester City, Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers and Derby County, is aiming towards a two month detox, going without sugar, alcohol, cake, chocolate and other fatty foods.

He’ll be replacing fine wine and good ale with four litres of water a day to flush out his system.

The footy star announced his crash diet on Twitter, telling followers: “1st day of 8 week challenge – diet, weights, 6 pack, no alcohol, it’s going to be tough.”

Multi-millionaire Savage quit professional football back in 2011 to concentrate on his career off the pitch.
The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant added: “The last thing he wanted was viewers tweeting him to tell him he was piling on the pounds.”

The social media addict also revealed on Twitter that he shed four pounds in the first week of his crash diet, cutting his body fat to 16%.

Savage also paid tribute to trim personal trainer Josh McHale, who is putting him through his paces.

Crash dieting – we would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

We think he looks fine the way he is, but we’re sure he won’t be the only celebrity starting a crash diet this January.