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Control Underwear

control-underwearControl underwear has been around since the 1500s, when Catherine de’ Medici, the wife of King Henry II of France banned women having “thick waists”. Back then control underwear wasn’t nearly as comfortable as today, with the laces of the corsets made with either whalebone or metal! Nowadays control underwear is usually made with spandex, which is stretchy and a lot more comfy.

Until not long ago, you could only buy shape wear corsets, but now there is a huge variety of different control underwear such as panties, bodysuits, leggings and of course corsets. Along with a variety of different control underwear, there is also a range of different companies selling it. Examples of these companies are Spanx and Trinny & Susannah. (If you’d like to check out any of their products click the highlighted names above).

Subject to popular belief, men do use control underwear as well as women. With Spanx selling all sorts of men’s products and celebrities such as Brad Pitt having used ‘Manx’ it shows that men shouldn’t be embarrassed and that many men use control underwear.

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