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Consistent effort: The only quick way to lose weight

Consistent effort: The only quick way to lose weightThe only way to lose weight quickly and keep it off is to put consistent effort into exercising regularly, an expert has asserted.

Tony Gallagher, fitness guru for the Daily Telegraph, said that as well as exercising regularly, people need to be aware of the food that they are putting into their bodies.

He said that, for those who do not want to alter their diets but who want to lose weight, an increase in exercise levels is the only answer.

“If you are interested in the weighing scales, then an emphasis on cardiovascular effort is required. Weight work will also help calorie shifting and muscle sculpting,” Mr Gallagher writes in the newspaper.

He said that indoor bikes, rowing machines and treadmills are all useful pieces of equipment when it comes to burning lots of calories.

Mr Gallagher went on to promote interval training – something that Joanna Knight, editor at Women’s Fitness magazine, also highly recommends.

Earlier in the year she claimed that regular interval training will help people to lose weight quickly before they go on holiday.

Which machines do you favour when you are at the gym?