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Try a natural colon cleanse with Slim Bomb Detox

Slim-Bomb-DetoxIf you’re looking to lose weight, a colon cleanse will really help speed up your results. An unhealthy, toxic colon could be stopping your body making the most of your healthy diet and supplements by not processing your food efficiently. By removing all that stuck waste, you could potentially remove pounds of what you might think is fat weight, but is actually rubbish sitting in your colon.

Studies show that the average person has 5-25 pounds of waste build up in their colon. This waste leads to bacteria and toxins that contaminate our system, and can cause common sicknesses and diseases.

Approximately 90% of all disease and discomfort is related to an unclean colon. Internal cleansing is essential for a healthy, active lifestyle.

You can cleanse your colon in a number of ways, but some can be messy, painful or expensive. One option is a ‘colonic’; colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy. This involves inserting a lubricated pipe into the anus and flushing the colon with purified water repeatedly, until the water runs clear. This can take hours and can be expensive – and some find it embarrassing.

Another option, which is becoming incredibly popular with our customers, is a colon cleanse you can do at home. A capsule, containing herbs and fibres that help gather and flush trapped toxins, is taken daily for a short period of time (usually a month) which helps remove toxins through bowel movements.

Our Slim Bomb Detox tablets are exclusive to Slimming Solutions and provide a safe and natural way to help regulate your system. The Slim Bomb Detox is easy to follow; you simply start with two capsules in the morning and two before bed, for 15 days. Then take two capsules daily before bed for the next 15 days.

You might have a little diarrhoea to begin with, which is a sign that the product is working, but this usually dies down after a few days. Drinking plenty of water, 1-2 litres if possible, will help you stay hydrated. Throughout the detox you’ll probably be visiting the toilet more often, but this is a good sign – your body is flushing the colon and removing any trapped waste.

The bonus of a colon cleanse capsule is that it works over a period of time, so it’s much more gentle on the body. You’ll notice that you have more energy, you’re digesting food easier and your stools become healthier in shape and colour. Over time this will help reduce bloating and constipation symptoms and enable your body to process nutrients in food easier.

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