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Coleen Rooney’s Post Pregnancy Diet Plan

Business woman and wag Coleen Rooney has reportedly lost all her post pregnancy weight regaining her fantastic figure eight months after giving birth.

The wife of Manchester United and England footballer Wayne Rooney gave birth to their first son Kai in November and was in no hurry to lose her baby weight, “I put weight on and thought, ‘Oh no, am I ever going to go back to the way I was?”

“But when you have the baby that all goes out the window because your focus is on looking after them.”

As well as juggling motherhood and business, Coleen has managed to slim back to her original size fitting back into her size 10 jeans and is said to be elated.

The young mum began boxing sessions with her personal trainer along with pilates in order to get herself back into shape after admitting she put a lot of weight on while she was pregnant.

“I’m back in my size 10 jeans after boxing sessions with my personal trainer. I love boxing in the gym – once you’ve done that you feel like you’ve had a really good workout. It tones your arms and it’s good for your stomach muscles too.”

Women everywhere are now becoming extremely envious of Mrs Rooney as she claimed that she didn’t really struggle to lose the extra pounds and goes further stating that she didn’t even get any stretch marks!

“I didn’t struggle to lose weight or focus on it too much. The weight just fell off.”

Sharing her secrets, Coleen says that it is important to drink a lot of water, eat healthy and exercise as often as possible.

Overjoyed to be back into her old jeans, Coleen is very happy with the way she looks and hopes for more children in the future.

Rooney’s post pregnancy diet consists of:

Coleen chose from boiled or poached eggs, porridge or cereal.

Ham Salad and pasta.

Fish or meat with potatoes and vegetables.

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