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Coleen Nolan reveals secret to looking good at 45

Coleen Nolan turns 45 in March and, in a piece for the Mirror, she writes that she has become increasingly aware of the importance of being healthy.

The Loose Women panel member explains that she used to have low self esteem when she was overweight, but that dieting and exercise have given her back her figure and confidence.

“I’ve managed to change my shape and have learned to feel happy in my own skin,” she adds.

The mum-of-two emphasises the importance of women getting to know their own bodies and learning to recognise when they are pushing themselves too far in terms of how much they exercise.

“Regular exercise won’t just help you lose a few pounds, it will boost your mood and make you more energetic,” she writes.

Earlier this month, Kelly Osbourne showed off her new svelte figure in a variety of outfits at New York Fashion Week.

She told Life and Style magazine that she achieved her dramatic weight loss by overhauling her eating habits and recommended consuming a small bit of food, such as half an apple, before going to bed.

Do you feel better after you’ve exercised?