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Coleen Rooney’s fitness tips and wedding shape up plan

When Coleen Rooney tied the knot with England footballer Wayne Rooney, all eyes were definitely on her. And that’s why she worked hard to tone up her bod with help of her personal trainer, Elise Lindsay.

The pair trained at least three times a week in the run-up to the wedding, to make sure Coleen looked great for the cameras and her new husband, 23. And judging by the pre wedding pics of Coleen on her hen holiday in Miami, along with her wedding day pictures, the hard work had paid off.

The Liverpool lass, who loves crisps and takeaways, looked fantastic in her bikini, with not a wobble in sight, and looked toned and healthy in her frock on her wedding day. Elise reveals that Coleen is an absolute treat to train and looks amazing. “She’s the one that turned herself around, put effort in and listened to everything that I said. She knew that for her wedding, she just needed to up her number of sessions and develop a great mental attitude towards training”, Elise says.

Elise has been Coleen’s trainer for years, after first working with the WAG on her fitness DVD.

Here we reveal how Elise got the beauty into such great shape so you can copy her fabulous plan.

Coleen put herself through tough 1 ½ hour fitness sessions at least three times a week in run-up to her wedding. “We did a mix of cardiovascular, like running, and weight and toning sessions”, explains Elise. “We did up to 45 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of weights and toning, although sometimes we would vary that slightly, and it certainly paid off”.

Fat-burning cardio

Coleen ran either outdoors or on the treadmill using interval training. “This is where you speed up and slow down, speed up and slow down”, explains Elise. “That really tests you to your limits. We would start off walking, then increase the pace of the walk, then take it to a slow jog. Then we would speed up and walk a bit to recover then up the speed again”, says Elise.

Interval training is beneficial because it is intense and doesn’t allow your body to adapt. Coleen also ran holding two cylinder-type hand weights that contain silicone, called XCO Trainers, which work on her shoulders. “They make your workout 30 per cent more efficient – they only came into Britain last year”, Elise says.

Cross trainer
Coleen is a big fan of the cross-training machine, which she used in the gym as part of her cardio workout. “We changed the levels, or the leg movements from forwards to backwards”, says Elise. “It’s an all-round nice part of machinery; it’s one of my favourites. She would go on it for up to around 25 minutes – everyone should do at least 25 minutes cardio in their sessions”.

Step machine
Coleen used this piece of gym equipment to keep her bum and legs trim. “Again we changed the levels to keep things varied”, says Elise. “Sometimes we would spend 25 minutes on it or do ten minutes on one machine, ten minutes on the other. It’s something we decided there and then because we don’t like having strict rules”.

Wayne had a better watch out because according to Elise, Coleen can throw a good punch! Elise sometimes incorporated boxing into Coleen’s workouts to again keep it varied and fun.

Coleen’s Diet

Coleen’s fitness regime – pre-wedding and now when she has time away from her gruelling schedule – works her hard, so she doesn’t need to be on a strict diet.

“My job is as her fitness trainer, I will never ever say ‘you must eat this, you must eat that’”, says Elise.

“She’s learned so much and has made healthy changes, but she’s not at the point where she really needs diet advice because she balances it out with exercise. She’s a good healthy girl,” she adds.

Fortunately, Coleen doesn’t have much of a taste for chocolate but she does like her crisps and to treat herself every now and then.

Elise’s diet tips

  • Cut down on processed and ready-made foods.
  • Don’t fry food – grill it instead.
  • Snack on nuts instead of biscuits.
  • Buy the leanest meat available and cut off any visible fat before cooking.
  • Eat lower or reduced-fat dairy products.
  • Cut down on sauces and your portion sizes – share a starter with a friend!


Coleen paid particular attention to working out the top half of her body, as it was this which was mainly on show when she wore her beautiful wedding gown.

“She lifted heavy weights, worked on her shoulders, arms and upper back,” says Elise.

Coleen also used vibration training, such as the Flexi-Bar to shape her arms and the Vibration Plate to tone her legs. She’s also a fan of The Gravity System, a Pilates-style machine.

Here are some key weight training and resistance exercises Coleen used to get in shape for her wedding.

Do two sets of 10 to 12, minimum. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, with one foot forward and one back. Lift the heel of your back foot. Lower your body down (not forwards) until you adopt a right angle with the back knee. Make sure your front knee bends so your knee is above the ankle not over the toe. Straighten back to starting position.

ARMS: Bicep Curls
Do two sets of 10 to 12. Stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart and your arms by your sides. Your hands should face forward. Keep your elbows in to the sides, bending them to lift the weights. Lower your arms back to the sides.

STOMACH: The Plank
Repeat three times, holding up to one minute. Lie on your tummy, propped up on your elbows. Draw your shoulders back and suck your tummy in, then lift your pelvis and knees off the floor. Keep your spine level and lengthened. Hold and maintain breathing.

UPPER BODY: Push-ups
Two sets of 10 to 12 or more if possible. Make sure you engage your abdominals and lower your body in a straight line from the hips down to the floor.

Credit: New Magazine