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Clutter makes you fat, lifestyle expert claims

Clutter makes you fat, lifestyle expert claimsIf you have a house filled with clutter, it could be negatively impacting upon your slimming goals.

This is the claim of Peter Walsh, a lifestyle expert writing for the Daily Mail, who insists that junk makes you fat.

He pointed out that old, unused items accumulate because we’re out of control – while weight also creeps on because we do not control it.

For instance, he explained that people trying to lose weight won’t be able to go to the gym if they can’t find their trainers, while they may also be unlikely to cook a healthy meal if the ingredients are buried in cupboards and work surfaces are full of other things.

Mr Walsh recommended re-evaluating your life, throwing out anything that has not been used for a year and rearranging things into a system so they can instantly be found.

“If you de-clutter your life, you gain control and you give yourself a chance to lead a happier life. For many people, happiness involves being slimmer,” he commented.

Stress expert and life coach Carole Ann Rice, speaking on behalf of House of Fraser, recently said having a tidy house will make you calmer.

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