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Christina Aguilera’s extreme weight loss

(Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

Christina Aguilera’s recent weight loss has been reviewed by professional plastic surgeons who’ve estimated that she’s lost around 70-80lbs in the last year, according to reports this week from Radar Online.

The surgeons, neither of whom have treated or examined the star, have differing opinions when it comes to her new shape.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr Lance Wyatt says: “It looks like Christina may have had liposuction of her body and/or tummy tuck for flatter abdomen and more narrow waistline.”

Another surgeon’s opinion reveals that Christina could have just as easily slimmed down naturally in the past 12 months as she could have with surgery.

Plastic surgeon Dr Fred Pescatore stated said: “I think she was 165 to 170, and now is a perfect 100 to 115.”

The specialist revealed that it is entirely possible for some people to lose 80 lbs or more with an aggressive diet plan and/or exercise routine.

Christina Aguilera has baffled the pros with her extreme weight loss, and until she decides to reveal how she lost the weight, it will remain one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrity weight loss secrets.

No matter how she did it, Christina went from flab to fab. What do you think? Was her extreme weight loss natural or surgically enhanced?