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How To Choose The Right Shapewear – Try Spanx For Women!

Spanx For Women
Quality shapewear, like Spanx for women, can be life-changing! There’s no better feeling than looking in the mirror or a shop window and knowing you look great. But how often realistically does that happen for most of us? Even if you’re lucky enough not to be carrying a few extra pounds, the fittest and healthiest of us sometimes have lumps and bumps where we’d rather not encounter them.

But what is shapewear, how does it work and how do you choose the size that’s right for you? Shapewear, a contraction of the term ‘shaping underwear’, is any form of foundation garment that is specially designed to smooth out or control the body’s contours temporarily. It’s often chosen in order to be able to wear that cute little dress for a special occasion, for instance, instantly slimming you down at the waist and enhancing the bust and hip areas. Increasingly, though, many women regard shapewear such as Spanx ladies underwear as essential to their everyday wardrobe and wouldn’t be seen without it. Slimming solutions like this are tricks that have been used in women and men’s fashion for several centuries now, so there’s certainly no shame attached! But if you want that feel-good factor every time, you need to invest in quality shapewear that genuinely flatters and enhances, rather than cutting off the circulation and making every step a misery. The secret to achieving the results you want is choosing your shapewear wisely. Not so many years ago, the options available on the market were limited. Even now, cheaper versions abound and the maxim is true here: you get what you pay for.

Look for some of the biggest brands on the shapewear market, rather than settling for little known lesser brands. Spanx for women, for instance, holds a large share of the market and has been around since 2000. During the development of the product, the founder, Sara Blakely, trialled her shapewear on real-life members of her friends and family, something the undergarment industry had not done before. The Spanx women range, therefore, is innovative and created with you in mind. When it comes to sizing, especially if you’re purchasing online, opt for a retailer that offers a guide with full, detailed measurements, so you can choose the right size article for yourself. You’ll usually need your bust, waist and hip measurements, in inches or centimetres, to identify which is the best fit for you. Never be tempted, though, to drop a size and wear smaller garments than you need. This will only disappoint, as instead of sculpting a svelte figure, as shapewear is intended to do, you’ll create unsightly bulges. Regard your undergarment shapewear as an investment – after all, it is something you can wear on a daily basis to give you that confidence boost of knowing that you look great.

Many people use shapewear such as the Spanx for women range to target problematical areas while they’re trying to lose weight with other slimming products. And seeing how good you look in your mid-thigh shaper, power shorts or open-bust camisole will almost certainly also give you the vision and motivation you need to stick with that diet and pursue a slimmer, healthier you!