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Cheryl Cole, another Celebrity with a love for the famous Lemon Detox Diet!

Celebrity Diets – Cheryl Cole Weight Loss Secrets revealed…

We all know Cheryl Cole is a member of the too skinny brigade, however what we didn’t know is that she follows the same master cleanse regime as Beyoncé to stay trim – the Maple Syrup Diet.

Cheryl Cole’s former bodyguard Craig Balkam, nicknamed Big Craig, got to know the singer well, when he began working alongside the former X Factor judge in June 2010. The 6ft 3in minder claims she regularly detoxed in order to maintain her slim figure.

“She did these ‘Lemon Cleanses’ where she wouldn’t consume anything except lemon juice and water with a dash of cayenne pepper and maple syrup”, Craig confided in a friend, reports the Sunday Mirror.

Celebrity Weight Loss with the Maple Syrup Diet.

The Maple Syrup Liquid Diet Regime hit the headlines back in 2006 when Beyoncé revealed she followed the Lemonade Detox to lose weight for film role in Dreamgirls.

Also known as the Lemon Detox, the Maple Syrup Diet is a liquid diet created by Stanley Burroughs an alternative medicine guru in 1941 is a 100% natural drink made from a special organic natural tree syrup, mixed with fresh lemon juice, water and just a pinch of cayenne pepper or ginger for up to 14 days. It works by restricting your daily calorie intake enabling you to lose water, fat and muscle.

There are 4 Versions of the Detox from an extreme detox which involves consuming no solid food in 2 weeks, to the lighter plan, when you simply replace one meal each day with the lemon drink.

Celebrities follow drastic diets to Lose Weight!

Beyoncé, who wanted to lose weight fast, followed the extreme plan and revealed, “It was a liquid diet where you lose weight really fast, but I put the weight back on as soon as I finished”.

Have you followed any extreme celebrity diets?

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