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Chanelle Hayes’ weight loss before and after photos

After photos of Chanelle Hayes appeared in a national newspaper, showing how she had jumped from a size 8 to a size 16 since the birth of her son, she decided to take action.

At her heaviest the star was almost 13st, and in September 2013 she complained that she no longer felt comfortable in her clothes. Speaking to Now magazine, she said:

“Food can be an abused substance, especially carbs and processed foods. It’s addictive, especially when you’re depressed. Some people take drugs to get a high – it’s the same for me with food.”

At the beginning of 2014, Chanelle revealed the pressure of being a single mum, her on-off romance with Jack Tweed, and starting a cake business led to regular binges on junk food – turning her into, in her own words: “somebody who looks like they own a cake shop.”

So Chanelle embarked on a gruelling health and fitness regime to shrink her frame into model-like proportions.

And after five months on her determined health kick, Chanelle took to her Twitter and Instagram accounts yesterday to show off her dramatic weight loss, showcasing her impressive new shape from every angle. chanelle-hayes-weight-loss-before-and-after Chanelle looks incredible in the series of before and after photos. She added the caption: “REAL weightloss pictures. No photoshop, lighting or camera tricks.”

chanelle-hayes-weight-loss-before-and-afterIn another before and after, Chanelle models her gym kit, looking a lot slimmer compared to her larger frame from earlier this year.chanelle-hayes-weight-loss-before-and-after

And the final image shows off her thinner face, compared to a more rounded look from just a few months ago.