Celebrity Weight Loss

Celebrity favourite diets

Ever wonder how celebrities manage to shed pounds and look amazing before hitting the red carpet or starring in a new movie?

Celebrity diets range from the complicated to the plain crazy, but we have taken a look at some of the favourite methods of celebrity weight loss.

While some celebrity weight loss is achieved by following extreme diet and fitness regimes for a short period of time, other celebrities are so absorbed by what they put in their mouths that they have been labelled as orthorexic by diet experts. Orthorexia is the condition that sees sufferers become totally obsessed with eating nothing but healthy foods. For example, the Ally McBeal star Portia Di Rossi will not eat any food with sauces. She prefers to stick to steamed chicken and vegetables and egg whites only. Absolutely no dairy products or foods contain any sugar are allowed to pass her lips.

Both Madonna and Gwynneth Paltrow follow a macrobiotic diet. Again, not so much a celebrity diet as much as an entire way of life! This one is for the truly dedicated. This diet dictates that food should not be altered by cooking and should also be chewed 50 times. The food allowed in a macrobiotic diet is vegan, meaning it is centered around whole grains, organic vegetables, beans and pulses. While this is a long term eating regime which helps digestion of food, the downside is a lack of protein and iron.

Both Beyonce Knowles and Natalie Cassidy have followed the Lemon Detox Diet with dramatic results! Beyonce lost an amazing 22lbs in just 10 days to slim down for a film role.

Liz Hurley is a fan of The Hay Diet. The idea behind this popular celebrity diet is that carbs and proteins are processed differently by the body. And so by never eating them together in one meal, your body can digest your food quickly and more efficiently. Meaning nothing hangs around long enough to be stored as fat! While this may take some getting used to and require a lot of meal planning, it could provide a good way of improving your weight. But Liz has also admitted to eating nothing but watercress soup for days at a time when she needs to really see results quickly.

Kirsten Dunst keeps her slim frame by following something called The Acid Base Diet. With this celebrity diet you must eat 70% alkaline foods and 30% acid! Sounds confusing! Basically processed foods, fish, grains and meat all have a high PH level and so you must balance these foods with alkaline foods such as Fruit, vegetables and soya. Again this seems a bit too complicated and is probably nothing more than a basic balanced eating plan when it is broken down.

Claudia Schiffer does not follow a particular diet, but has instead devised a way to balance her diet in a way that works for her. She eats nothing but fruit before noon and has 3 meals a day to keep her metabolism steady and healthy. Those meals though are small and light, for example steamed fish or chicken with vegetables.

This seems like good sense when compared to Reece Witherspoons diet of choice. She likes to restrict herself to jars of baby food when she needs to drop a few pounds. While this would probably not be the most fulfilling diets to follow, but it is actually not as crazy as it sounds as good quality baby food is actually packed with nutrients. But you would be bored to tears in no time!

Another popular celebrity diet, the principles of which are followed by the likes of Sharon Stone, Gwen Stefani and Kylie – is the GI diet. This is a system of ranking foods according to how quickly your body absorbs them. While it may seem quite tricky to get the hang of, having to remember the GI value of different foods, it is actually a healthy, balanced diet to follow.

Another similarly complicated but balanced diet is The Zone. Fans of the zone include Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston who have both lost weight and maintained their shape by following this high protein diet. 5 small meals should be eaten everyday and each of those meals should be broken down so that 40% of the calories come from carbs, 30% from protein and another 30% from fat.

And finally, Heidi Klum and Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie’s method. They believe that by drinking 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar every day before dinner will suppress appetite, speed up metabolism and breakdown fat. Now that doesn’t seem too complicated!