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Caroline Flack: The Secret to my toned bum!

caroline_flackShe’s the latest celebrity to ‘squat like it’s hot’

Caroline Flack is almost as famous for her toned legs and pert derriere as she is for her fling with Harry Styles.  And now she’s revealed her new weapon in the war against slimming those wobbly calves and saggy bum cheeks: the 30 day squat challenge.

Leggy Caroline, 33, was encouraged to take on the challenge by DJ (and fitness buff) Kate Lawler, after the pair met up at last week’s Sony Radio Awards.  Kate also 33, was soon giving Caroline lots of tips as they discussed the benefits of the programme at the ceremony.

But the pair aren’t alone in their love of the regime: TOWIE’s Lauren Pope, 29, and Frankie Essex, 25, along with their former co-star Lauren Goodger, 26, are all squat fanatics, as is Jessie J, 25.  The singer even tweeted a photo of herself doing some squats backstage.  The regime is simple.  You start off with 50 squats on day one, gradually increasing the number until you end up doing 250 squats on day 30.  It may sound tough, but you do get to have a rest every 3 days to help your muscles recover.  And if you don’t have time to do all the exercises in one go, you can break up your daily target into smaller sets.  The results are definitely worth it: firm buttocks, toned legs and stronger abs which will help you to look slimmer overall.  Sign us up for the challenge like, now!