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Capsicum – a clinically proven, effective weight loss ingredient!

Capsicum or chilli pepper as its better known is a type of plant which research has indicated that because of its thermogenic properties, can aid weight loss.

Capsicum pepper plant can be used in reducing body weight and improving body fat mobilisation together with exercising and a healthy diet. For this reason alone, Capsicum has vastly become a common ingredient in herbal diet pills.

The Capsicum plant is known to have a certain number of health benefits one being weight reduction. There are also different types of pepper within the Capsicum family with the strongest of peppers being cayenne pepper, red pepper and paprika. Capsicum has a content known as Capsaicin which turns up body heat in a process scientifically referred to as Thermogenesis.

In a large number of weight loss products, Capsicum is a common ingredient which has been vigorously trialled and tested on rats and guinea pigs to see how the products affect their rate of metabolism. Capsaicin, a constituent of Capsicum, has been seen to influence certain receptors whose main function is to increase the mobilisation of fat in the body around the abdominal area.

Using this Capsicum plant in weight loss products enables your resting metabolic rate to increase. This is the measure of the energy used after a given duration of time. Having a high metabolic rate is vital to those that want to lose weight because those with a high metabolic rate, burn fat more than those with a low metabolic rate when the same physical exercise or activity is undertaken.

Benefits of Capsicum
– Helps regulate blood pressure
– Increases blood circulation
– Reduces respiratory illness like the common cold, asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis.
– Delays fatigue.
– Inhibits other types of disease causing bacteria apart from the weight reduction qualities it processes.

Those wanting to lose weight should take weight loss supplements with Capsicum or any other Capsicum-related product and get plenty of regular exercise. You are more likely to lose weight quickly in the stomach or abdominal areas by taking Capsicum than any other supplements.

Plus Capsicum is recommended to be taken a few hours before exercising which proves to be more effective at burning body fat.

Capsicum can be found in a blend of Capsimax Plus which is available as an ingredient in our new weight loss product – Slim Bomb Capsi.

Our Slim Bomb Capsi contains a combination of Capsimax Plus blend and Green Tea Extract and the Caspimax Plus Blend is a combination of ingredients, patented by Omnioactive Health Technologies, including Capsicum extract, black pepper extract, niacin (vitamin B-3) and Caffeine.

Why not try our new Slim Bomb Capsi weight loss supplements with plenty of exercise for effective results?

What does Slim Bomb Capsi do?
– The capsicum ingredient may help normal metabolism and a healthy weight.
– The capsicum may help to maintain a normal appetite.
– May help to maintain normal blood glucose and tricaylglycerol levels.
– The body uses niacin (vitamin B3) in the process of releasing energy from carbohydrates.
– Green tea may help to maintain normal appetite control, fat digestion, metabolism and cholesterol levels.

If you really want to experience the benefits of Capsicum, you would have to consume around 10 Grams of red hot peppers every day, for several weeks – which is very difficult! However Slim Bomb Capsi allows you to reap all the weight loss and health benefits of Capsicum in just one capsule!

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