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Can wearing tighter clothes help you lose weight?

Can wearing tighter clothes help you lose weight?People hoping to trim down ahead of their summer holiday have been advised to try wearing tighter clothes in the lead-up to the vacation.

Although the novel approach may raise some eyebrows, Ursula James, author of You Can Think Yourself Thin, said doing so can have an impact on a person’s mindset and help to spur them to weight loss success.

“This way you become more body aware and your appetite starts to self regulate to negate the tight feeling. Conversely, the quickest way to put it on is to wear baggy clothing,” she added.

Another tip is to put a favourite photo of yourself looking good on the fridge door, as this will inspire people to look and feel as good as they did on the picture, and stop them from opening the fridge for a smack.

Ms James recommended that people lots of colourful, beautifully-presented food over the summer, as the longer they take preparing meals, the less they will need to eat as their satiety centre responds appropriately when the food arrives.

“You savour it – not bolt it – and you eat enough, but not too much. Slow down, sit down, and your weight comes down,” the expert added.

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