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Can meditation help you to slim?

Dieting can be a stressful experience sometimes, especially during busy periods in your life. Closeronline has found some helpful and easy to follow relaxation techniques that will help you to feel calm in your mind and encourage the mindset that will help you to stay focused on your new eating habits!

According to recent research; it has proven that meditation is a safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional and mental state and its incalculable values have been known and practiced for thousands of years by way of thought, contemplation, and reflection.

Meditation promotes that weight loss starts on the inside – and in order to start your weight loss program, your body and mind have to be happy and healthy to begin with!

There are lots of exercises that are stress free for you to get your teeth into. So why not get the ball rolling and try these exercises out for size…

– Find out about the music that is being played during meditation. It could be a ticking clock or the melodic sound of birds that help you relax.

– Find yourself a position in which you feel comfortable – this may be either sitting or lying. Sitting is the preferred position as it is easier to fall asleep if you’re lying down.

– Try taking some deep breaths. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, and let your body submit to a feeling of absolute relaxation. Bliss!

– Acknowledge but dismiss any negative thoughts. This allows you to construct a positive picture in your mind of how you want to look! Concentrate on how you feel about your body in this improved state. You should notice that you will have more confidence. You should imagine yourself doing an activity that you enjoy, and imagine how much more you can enjoy this activity due to your improved physical shape and appearance

– Concentrate on the feeling of health and well being. Congratulate yourself on being able to understand that choosing a healthy lifestyle is an opportunity, not a punishment.

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